My name is Warren Bee   

I was born in 1958. I purchased my first harmonica in the late sixty's at Amato Music in West Islip, NY.  My life miraculosly changed when I took my first breaths with my "Atta Boy"  placed between my lips. For five decades my trusty harps have been within reach at all times.  So many stages, so many stories, so many temporary and lifelong friends along the way.  I have hundreds of gigs under my belt. Some for nice bucks. Many for low-bucks.  Lot's of freebies! My greatest harmonica experiences by far have  taken place in casual gatherings where stages and dollars were not involved.

The sweet sounds of music help bring out the best in all of us.

Bee's Bottom line : 

I am so grateful for the  joy  that I have received from my "it's not a toy" diatonic harmonicas.  Smile machines from above!

This website shares my game plan for the rest of my breathing days.  My number one goal is to be a part of giving away over one hundred thousand harmonicas!  We have so many fellow human beings that could use some  passion in their pocket.  Listening to the sounds of music helps heal and soothe our many wounds.  Creating our "own tones" heals and  soothes in a very magical and joyful way.