Harmonica Coaching

I have been playing the diatonic harmonica for 50 years.  I am a self - taught "ear player".  I am a strong improviser.  I have always had a passion for tone.  I approach the harp with a "less is more" frame of mind. It took me many years to learn that skill! Adding "color" and "spice" and a handful of tastful licks to a song is a beautiful thing.

I begin coaching new harpists with a mindset that I call "Harp-Smart".  No matter what level or direction that you choose to persue in your personal harmonica journey, nothing beats a "Smart-Harp Harp-Start" start before you fly away.  I have many friends in the harp world.  When I can't help you, I will know some one who can!

Harp-to-Mouth Therapy

In recent years  many professionals in the medical and mental health fields are recognizing that the playing of harmonica has benefts both physically and emotionally. This new-age approach with an old-school musical instument is a truly joyful experience.  These therapy sessions can be one on one or in groups. Breathing in and out in different waves and patterns is a great way to give the lungs a fun and gentle  workout.  To play harmonica you use assorted muscles in the hands, arms, jaw,  neck and others.   Simple movements with sweet tones of support can be motivating for those challenged in those areas.  Just breathing and having fun creating  magical musical moments can be quite stimulating and emotionally uplifting!    

Harmonica Happy Events

Special gatherings where all participants receive a brand new harmonica!  Along with the harps they will receive information sheets about the basics of harmonica care,  how they work and how they make wonderful musical tones with the slightest inward or outward breath.  Based upon group size and demographics an interactive presentation is created to maximize the "JOY FACTOR"  of  harmonica ownership!  Harmonica Happy Events are primarily designed for charity events.  I just love to give harmonicas away to "special folks" that could use a little more joy in their lives.  Reach out and talk to me ... let's harp on this.

Harmonica for Hire

I am always looking for cool gigs that I can be a part of as a hired gun.